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Brand and Logo Guidelines

These guidelines apply to any company or individual intending to reference our show title or logo in any form outside of the website. It also applies to multimedia presentations and offline documents. Any queries should be directed to [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 0330 350 0737.

Logo Usage

The logo must always be displayed in full, as provided.

Do not distort, deform, crop, disproportionately resize, re-colour or otherwise alter the logo.

Do not rotate the logo.

You may shrink the logo to fit a particular space, however it must remain in proportion and still be clear to an end user.

Do not place the logo on a dark background.

Where possible, clicking the logo should link to

Do not position the logo in a way to suggest an affiliation, endorsement or partnership without prior written confirmation.

Do not animate the logo.

Do not reproduce a copy of the logo that is blurred or pixellated due to over compression or stretching.

Embedding the logo in a video or printed document requires prior approval from us, please submit any documents or links to media by e-mail.

The Show Name

The Show should always be referred to as “Dean and Sheena On Air”, though promotions such as “Join Dean and Sheena, Thursday from 8” are fine.

Do not alter the case, spacing or spelling of the Show Name.

Do not refer to the Show by other names, such as “The Dean and Sheena Show”.

Audio Content

The following section does not apply to active radio station partners of Dean and Sheena On-Air.

Unless prior, written permission is obtained, you may not download or re-record any audio from our radio show nor the on-demand content from our website or YouTube channel.

If permission to reproduce audio is granted:
– Audio must not be trimmed or altered.
– Audio must be reproduced at a quality near or equal to the supplied file.
– All branding must be left in tact.
– No effects may be applied to the audio.


We are trying to build our public image and consistency is a core element of that process. Please assist us by adhering to the above guidelines.

Effective: July 2014 onwards.